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Saturday, September 5, 2009


manage to go to finals.. happy!!. one of my best present i had.. just gonna give my all for the next 2 coming weeks..:)

thanks for..everything u guys plan out for me.. i dun need list out la.. but really.. gt touch dao.. tmd almost cried when mia show me that.. serious.. haha.. but today..

i was surprised by you.. seriously.. din expect that.. ty very much..:)

-when it comes to going after what you love in life, dont take no for an answer..:)

haha.. think that help me alot.. ahligarto..

thanks for all the wishes.. be it in sms, facebook or handshakes.. i still appreciate alot..

and im touched.. cos im not being forgotten.. so fortunate to have all of you ard..:) thank you..


Sunday, August 30, 2009



me and the other sevenss were so nervous during the result show... but heng we get through.. gt to work even harder.. cos oni gt one week..

after that went espn.. lol.. have to walk frm macdonald to the skate park.. almost die.. walk like 1/2 an hr.. lol.. like amazing race.. gt touch dao.. cos shufang and gangs also came down to support some of the teams.. some of them even walk with us.. haa... xin ku da jia le..

after that went jamie lim bday party!.. the cake is dope.. the food is dope.. the bathing tim is dope.. haha.do some stupid things over there too.. haha..

after wake up.. eat le then went home to prepare the first training for semis.. talk and tryout alot of things... still not finalise with alot of stuff.. hope.. by monday it should be okk..

10am.. monday... FYP discussion le.. haiz.. gd thing. is at loft.. damm chill.. bad thing.. have to do work le.. haiz..

alright.. time to chaoz..

Friday, August 28, 2009


now damm late.. but i slping soon..
prac frm 5pm just now till 9pm.. with full force..

hope all of us can remember all the changes..

just gotta give our very best on the stage.. share our love.. haha..

so yea.. all the best to all 30 teams in suntec..

espn.. also.. all the best to all teams who is joining..

SEVENS!.. I ALMOST CRIED DURING THE DEBRIEF.. but i din .. haha..strong hor.. just remind urself.. to think


haha.. jia you!!..

see ya laterss..

Thursday, August 27, 2009


hmm.. have a 4/7 prac.. it like finally.. haha.. just in less than 24 hrs we gonna have full force.. haha.. heats is just one more day to go.. im nervous.. but i keep telling myself not to worry and just enjoy every second i have on the stage.. cos it oni happen once in a lifetime..:)

we just gotta think positive.. jiayou everyone.. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

von party

today no training.. lol
went to von ang party ... b4 that went ion orchard walk walk..
the place is big.. and dope.. haha.. after that went to von party le..
the bus trip damm long.. 1 and half hr.. hardcore.. sit till me and ivan go crazy.. keep doing ripple..:)

the party was fun.. we sing, we eat and drink.. haha.. we just all the way zi high..:)..

have so much fun.. thanks to von for inviting:)

tml.. thursday...4/7 seven crew will be back:)... so happy.. haha.. waiting for fri.. ahah.. the full force day:)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sunday, August 23, 2009


woke up late..

went bugis with ivan to find costumes..

gt abit of shuo huo..

went to the new shopping mall.. the adidas shop in there is dope..

haha.. then after went to eat.. we have to choose between kfc yoshinoya and pastamania..

we play open number.. end up tio pastamania.. :( most ex among the choices..

then went walk walk again while drinking bb tea..

went into another adidas shop.. saw this adidas cap.. look like new era but not new era.. damm cheap.. so i just buy.. maybe it dun look good on me.. but hack la.. i think is a gd buy... :)

reach home nth to do.. funshion again.. watch 3 movies.. again.. haiz.. tml training liao.. :) although not full force again.. but doesnt mean i cant train:) haha..

3ulcers in my mouth.. ulti cannot enjoy food..:(